This loan scheme is designed to assist all salaried workers; we have designed it to assist an employee like yourself through access to our financial services.

This will aid you towards the acquisition of home appliances, a vehicle, payment of school fees, medical, travel and so forth.

We provide this service to employees from different walks of life; ranging from the Government , UN, NGOs and Private Sectors.

We believe in improving salaried workers productivity by minimizing the pressures away from the office.

Additionally, our services are designed to support the Employers from committing funds, loans or salary advances.

Benefits of the Salary Loan Scheme

  • Fast procedure
  • Employer guarantee for the employee/staff
  • Monthly loan repayment
  • Freedom to select loan term
  • Loan shall be 12 times the net salary



  1. Permanent employee or on contract of not less than 1 year.

  2. Three current salary slips

  3. Identity card supported by introduction letter from employer

  4. Guarantee from employer

  5. For Government employee not necessary to open an account with TWB

  6. Loan amount 12 times monthly net salary