This Account is designed to help you plan for the future; it gives you an opportunity to earn a healthy return on maturity. Our Ng’ara Fixed Deposit Account is a contractual account that will help you earn better returns on your money. We have designed it to give you the benefit of extraordinary rates of interest, more than those normally available, if you commit your deposit for over a fixed period of time.

Our Fixed Deposit Rates are published every week and available at inquiry desk.

Please Enjoy the following services:

  • Deposit periods of 1- 24 months
  • Over one year the interest will be negotiable
  • Minimum deposit is TZS 50,000
  • Unlimited deposit amount
  • Earn an extra ordinary interest than regular accounts
  • Create a banking relationship
  • Establish a positive track with TWB
  • You could use your deposit to get a loan
  • Earn highly & competitive rates
  • Maximum security of your deposit.
  • On maturity interest earned could be deposited into your TWB account