Our basic account is safe and easy to maintain; it is designed for people who want to build up their savings. This account grows over days and is free from monthly management fees. It is designed to help you save rather than spend. We want you to trust your savings with us so that we can not only help you keep your funds safe but also allow them to grow. Our commitment is to return all of your deposits plus interest, with maximum flexibility, because we believe in your ultimate satisfaction.

Benefits of our Personal Savings Account:

  • We offer you security; Depend on us to ensure that your deposits and future are secure
  • Attractive Interest packages; Over time you can enjoy ad earn attractive, competitive interest returns on your account
  • Easy; You can open an account with a minimum balance of TZS. 3,000 only
  • Flexibility. You can have access to your account at any time

Enjoy the following services


  • Instant money withdrawal
  • Borrowing using your savings account at competitive rates
  • Paying your monthly bills by signing a standing order
  • Paying your vendors or business partners using our counter cheque